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17-Apr-2016 09:57

Thanks to Facebook's mobile ad apps launched last fall, the dating site is expanding further, particularly into mobile.

The story of AYI is illustrative of how small, agile companies are using Facebook's developer tools to harness the social network's incredible scale and its plethora of user details to better reach and serve customers.

AYI helps to connect users through friends and their interests, by using multiple platforms like a Facebook app, an i Phone app, an Android app, and a website.

The app has out edged to different parts of the world and is assessable internationally.

In AYI's case, the dating app is using Facebook data to do for dating what Linked In Corp (NYSE: LNKD) did for professional networking.

We can therefore deduct that it must be hugely more popular in USA at the moment.A user can establish a profile by simply using Facebook's connect feature, which shares a user's profile data with third parties.Instead of going to or OKCupid.com, both of which are owned by IACI/Inter Active Corp (NASDAQ: IACI), and filling in your data, all of your information comes from your existing Facebook profile.If AYI's users are any indication, don't be surprised if Alaska's marijuana legalization referendum does well this summer.

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Check out AYI's blog post on the study for more info.

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