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15-Jan-2016 20:32

Most Russian men are raised assuming that this is their role when dating but are totally willing to be flexible. Unlike a lot of western women, Russian women obviously grow up expecting a not insubstantial gift for most holidays and occasions.So, how did Russian dating become your topic of interest?Of course this is all a generalization and isn’t true for everyone, but there are still some things you should keep in mind when going out with a Russian man. Particularly if you’re an American or from somewhere with a large personal space bubble, Russian men can seem to invade your personal space right from the start. If you imagine a Russian woman, it’s likely that she’s beautiful, statuesque, and impeccably groomed. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a lot of make up and high heels if that’s not your style – just keep in mind that giving your look a little extra polish will go a long way. Again, this is not always true, but it is the norm.Since I’ve gone and caught myself a Russian man, I figure I’m relatively in-the-know about dating in Russia, if that’s you’re style. It is not uncommon for a Russian man to hold your hand or put his arm around even before the first date! Men will pick you up, open your doors, maybe even order for you.Maybe he's Russian, maybe he's American, maybe he's African?A few weeks ago, a reader requested that I write a post on the dos and don’ts of dating Russian men.

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This is particularly true when it comes to dating and courtship – even in the younger generations.

This is in no way an act of rebellion – trust me, there is nothing I would love more than to bring home a man who would be able to deliberate the (grim) future of Putin’s reign at a Khorosh family dinner.

No, it is simply that Russian guys and myself rarely cross paths, for most of them prefer adult restaurants in favor of hipster joints and stay as far from my beloved Nolita as possible.

I've dated Americans, Eastern Europeans (Slovak and Ukrainian) and two Jewish guys.

The most important factor is finding someone with a similar mentality who shares my passions and life goals.

Zhivago in high school and did not understand why the hot doctor was in love with Mentally Decimated Lara C. I’m like the command central planner in our socialist marriage. B is a programmer, and he pulls in a solid five figures on an annual basis.

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