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I checked with my sister over my lunch break and she’d apparently decided to invite her parents-in-law and all of her brother’s siblings, their spouses, and their kids along for the trip and let all of them use the discount not only at admissions but also at a couple of restaurants and gift stores around the park, a total of almost ,000 in savings over the weekend.

She and her kids/husband never mentioned the extended family being there while they were staying at my apartment and the only pictures I saw from the trip only had the five of them in it, not this busload of people, so they were either actively lying to me or lying by omission.

When they try to talk to him, he averts his gaze and doesn't say hello, instead preferring to hide in his office and avoid human contact.

Eun Hwan Ki is just introverted, but everyone thinks he is a cold, prickly, arrogant grouch.

All models appearing on this site are over the age of 18.

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Managers are not robots – they have feelings and emotions.

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These are the hardest working secretaries and business babes in the corporation.

They call him the "Silent Monster" and he is genuinely hurt that they see him that way, but is unable to change himself.

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