Updating psp through usb

31-Jan-2016 19:39

updating psp through usb-68

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It's sad to say, but the chances of a new system launching without any hitches or glitches is just not realistic.

If you're one of the lucky few that has gotten their hands on the new Play Station 4, or if you are waiting in line right now to get one, the first thing you're going to want to do before gaming is update your software to the newest version.

You need at least 512 MB of space on your memory stick to perform the hack, but if you want to load it up with homebrew apps, you'll need more space than that.

If you're looking to upgrade from the dinky memory stick included with most PSPs, you can get a 4 or 8 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo off of Amazon on Newegg for around or .

There are two ways you in which you can run a custom firmware on PSP.

One is the temporary hack and other is the permanent one.

In this post we will be seeing how we can use temporary hack to use custom firmware on PSP E-1004 Street.

Advantages of using temporary hack is that the device warranty is not violated and even if something goes wrong, there is no fear of bricking the device.

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If you connect your PS4 to a wired or wireless internet network, the system software update v1.51 will be available whenever you turn on the PS4, and you can just download and install it directly that way.