Windows media player album cover updating

02-Nov-2016 10:00

You may have seen these images on your portable player (if it's video-capable) and in software media players such as Windows Media Player.If some of the music in your Windows Media library is missing album art, then this tutorial will show you how to automatically download these missing images from the Internet.If it isn't available in the online resources that WMP 12 uses, then it will likely come up with a best match or even empty handed.And, on occasions there can be so many irrelevant results that you end up giving up altogether.Today we look at how to edit and update metadata and cover art in WMP 12.

If the search has been successful, a screen will be displayed showing you the album art and track listing for your album -- if this is correct, simply click on Finish.

For a look at some of the best to use, check out our guide on downloading free album art.